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Here is my latest showreel that encompasses various different film projects from music videos to short films. I had the opportunity to be the director, DP, producer, sound designer, and editor for majority of these projects. I hope that you all enjoy this reel as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Music Produced by: RigHteous Beats | Amiri Fanning

The Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Legacy Trailer

This ongoing docu-series about the legacy of Dr. Benjamin E. Mays is a story that needs to be heard. This project was originally created for the Dr. Benjamin E. Mays site in Greenwood, SC to have a visual aid for people who visit the museum. However, we are looking for funding to develop a full feature film about the life of this astronomical human being.

Director: Mike Wells  |  Producer: Ron Worthem & Todd Bethel  |  Editor: Mario Daye

2023 Telly Awards Gold

General-History for Non-Broadcast

24 & Plenty More

This is a short documentary on Corey Lightner and his loc journey over the past 24 years. Corey explains what his loc journey has meant for him and why this fresh start is needed for the next chapter in his life.

Director: Mario Daye  |  Producer: Corey Lightner  |  Director of Photography: Mario Daye Editor: Mario Daye  |  Sound Designer: Mario Daye  |  Starring: Corey Lightner

Miss Things

 a music video that I was able to film for a local Artist skimsam featuring Jake Lowe.


Produced by: YungPrince  |  Mixed by: Zer∅-G  |  Directed by: Mario Daye  |  Director of Photography by: Mario Daye  |  Edited by: Mario Daye

Comfort zone

Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity to challenge yourself and grow outside your comfort zone. If you only choose to play it safe, the familiarity will eventually swallow you up. You either grow or die...what will you decide?

Director & Producer: Corey Lightner  |  Screenwriter: Tarahgee Morris & Corey Lightner Editor & Sound Designer: Mario Daye

Awardwinner-VancouverIndependentFilmFestival-May2023 (1).png

A Worthy Reward

This is a McDonald spec ad. The concept of this ad was to bring awareness to the anticipated New Year resolution of hitting the gym and exercising, but you can't escape the satisfaction of a good McDonald's burger.

Directed by: Corey Lighter  |  Produced by: Corey Lightner & Nathan DuCongé

Director of Photography by: Joseph Tova  |  Written by: Tarahgee Morris & Jarrod Fleming  Edited & Sound designed by: Mario Daye 

White Face (Teaser)

This is a teaser for a short film about imposter syndrome, the effects of code switching in the workplace and losing your authentic self to conform to societal norms.

Director & Producer: Corey Lightner  |  Screenwriter: Corey Lightner & Grant Jackson Director of Photography: Mario Daye & Nathan Duconge  |  Editor: Mario Daye

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