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Visions from a daye's point of view.

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What's going on everyone!?


My name is mario daye.

I am a professional portrait and travel photographer who is also skilled in capturing events.  Along with my photo capabilities, I also know my way around the art of film specializing in directing, cinematography and editing.  Currently I provide my services within the greater Atlanta area and I'm also open to travel.

I enjoy meeting new people, traveling/exploring with my family, watching movies, hosting events, acting, doing creative photoshoots, and directing films.

Photo and film has always been a passion of mine since I was a toddler.  I love telling unique stories through stills and motion pictures.

Tell us about Daye&Knight.

Daye&Knight is a photography and film production company, founded in the year of 2013 by me, Mario Daye, through my love and passion for the creative arts.  Every artist is unique in their own right and that's what I bring to my clients; a unique perspective or visions from a Daye's point of view if you will.

Daye&Knight represents me using my talents and abilities to make a positive change. We are all knights in shining armor saving the day by exemplifying our skills and gifts to the world. Art has changed my life and I want do the same for others through my creative passions.

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